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25D South Main Street
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"Having received therapeutic massage over the past 20 years, I can honestly say that Jacquie is the best!  Her knowledge and skill provide me with real relief from my aches and pains.  Any stress I was feeling before a session disappear, leaving me totally relaxed!  I feel very lucky to have found her!" J.A. Windsor, CT

"Jacqueline Hazleton is beyond a superb massage therapist.  Her knowledge of my specific needs surpasses any massage therapy I have had over many years.  Jacquie has the golden and serene touch.  Her positive and giving energy flows from her heart and her soul through her hands and fingers which courses through my body giving me the much needed relief fibromyalgia, myofascial, and migraine pain.  I travel over 45 minutes just for her warm and glowing massages.  Her special gift cannot be taught, it is innate and part of her calm, spiritual, and beautiful nature.  10 stars plus all those in the universe."  B.J.S. Hadlyme, CT

"I am a seasoned massage therapist who was able to quickly recognize and appreciate the professional skills of Jacquie.  She has exceptional tactile and intuitive components to connect not only with a body of tissue but also the mind and spiritual aspects of the work she does.  She is professional and respectful in her approach and techniques which allows me to relax and have a greater benefit from the bodywork she does."  M.L. Windsor, CT

"I just want to give my testimony to the wonderful massage therapy that I have experienced through massage therapist Jacqueline Hazleton at Loving Lotus Healing Arts, LLC.  Every time that I have made an appointment for massage with an underlying bodily stress or pain in my back, shoulders or neck, I have always been impressed with the service I received.  Jacueline approaches her professional work with the needs of the client in mind – her pre-massage conversation ensures that the client receives the most benefit by identifying the problem areas.  I have been extremely impressed with Jacqueline’s wealth of expertise and knowledge especially of applying a combination of the different types of massage therapy techniques tailored to fit the client’s need i.e. for tight or painful muscles, strain and stress, or recovery from injury.  I am really pleased with the physiological and psychological benefits of the massage I have received from Jacqueline at each massage session and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone else."  A.I.  Windsor, CT

"Of the many massage therapists I’ve worked with Jacqueline is the best! I travel over 30 miles to see her on a regular basis. She finds spots that need work that I am not even aware of and uses a variety of techniques to relieve pain and stiffness. I leave feeling relaxed, more flexible and with an overall sense of well being. I appreciate Jacqueline’s great skill, dedication and the personal energy she puts into each session."  P.H.  Lebanon, CT

"I have been seeing Jacquie for several years for massage therapy.  The reason I keep coming back is simple—I’ve never been disappointed.  Jacquie’s warmth and caring is clearly evident in the way she treats her clients.  When you first enter the office, Jacquie is waiting to greet you with a smile.  She then takes time to discuss any discomfort you may be experiencing so she can focus on these areas for relieving pain, soreness or stress-related symptoms such as muscle tightness.  Personally, I prefer Deep Tissue massage; however, Jacquie is always willing to sprinkle in a little Swedish, Trigger Point and even Thai Yoga massage for enriching the client experience.  She is trained and skilled in a number of massage modalities and always seems to know the right combination to apply for addressing her clients’ needs. The room where the massage takes place is always comfortable and the music is soft and soothing.  The overall experience is so tranquil that I’ve often found myself falling asleep during the session.  After your massage is over, Jacquie is once again waiting to greet you, this time with a glass of water and a smile.  If you find yourself aching, uncomfortable or simply stressed from the rigors of the day, I highly recommend that you see Jacquie.  It really works!"  B.B  Windsor, CT

"Hands down, (pun intended) Jacquline is the best, actually, Jackie is gifted! She is so intuitive and has the ability to know where the "road blocks" if you will, are and simply make them go away. Jackie's care for her clients goes beyond the norm. A few words that best describe Jackie are, nurturing, compassionate, skilled, loving and funny as heck! I love her and suggest strongly that you schedule now and often for a massage that will change your life."  H.K.  Bloomfield, Ct.

"Prior to starting regular massage visits with Jacquie at Loving Lotus I had received one massage in 50 years, which obviously speaks to my first experience. On the advice of a close friend who had been seeing Jacquie regularly, I started the best therapy ever, massage a la Jacquie, and have been seeing her every two weeks or so for the past 3+ years. She is one of the most caring, “in the present” and talented individuals that I have ever met, forming a relationship with you from the minute you meet. Her first questions are always: “how is your body”? “is there anything bothering you in particular?” and “is there anything new that you want me to focus on?”  Her diminutive size is quickly forgotten when she gently but powerfully starts working out all of my aches and pains.  I don’t know what I would do without her and her outstanding ability to keep the stress that I carry in my body to a minimum. Walking out of her office location I always feel like I am walking on air. I have recommended her services to others from my place of employment and they have been equally amazed at her massage ability and the connection that she has with each of us and our bodies.  I highly recommend her with but one reservation: I don’t want her to become so busy that I have to book out over a month at a time to get on her calendar! She is my angel!" K.G. Windsor, Ct.

“It took a long time to find a therapeutic massage therapist in the Windsor area, but Jacquie was worth the search!  First, the ambience of her space puts me in a relaxed mood.  Then she skillfully finds and dispatches all the ‘knots’ that I have managed to collect between appointments.  She is professional, expert, spiritual and fantastic.  Certificates for her services are the only gifts I give my friends and family.”  M.H. Windsor, Ct.

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